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12.30.2003   1:09 AM
my achey breaky heart
All the right things happened yesterday. The playoff schedule shows what's happening in the next few weeks. And the weekend's games look like they're going to be great. But...

tick, tick, tick
There're only five more weeks of football left!

(sniff, sniff)

What will I do of a Sunday?!! No pregames, no games, no postgames, no Monday night, no deluge of NFL Films... feel the rising panic, folks. Thank Freya I'm not alone:

"Ray Lewis might not be going to Disneyland, but we're all going to hell, my friends."

An old article from 2001, directed at post-SuperBowl heartbreak, but the sentiment's right on target.

I guess this means I'll have to dig up work on developing a weekend-oriented social life. But know this as a promise, it goes on the back burner come September... (counting on fingers) February, March, April, May, June, July, August... hurts to ponder how long it'll be.

Time to get 1) the tapes rolling (or a DVD recorder or TIVO or some such thing to store up some for a rainy day) and 2) an Xbox/PS2/etc. so that I can open cans of whoopass on my own.

speaking of ray-ray
Where have I been these past years?! Oh my word, that is one sexy boy. Grrrrrrr!

"It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes..."

The perfect intro for the former roughneck turned Mr. Incredibly-Marketable-and-Charismatic.

"With a little bit-a (uh-uh) and a little bit-a (uh-uh)..."

Had I been paying attention, I could've moved back to Baltimore instead of coming to Cali. It's a small city, I know the hangouts. Older women and younger men are in; VH1 says so. And I have better sense than to be another baby mama or lawsuit, Ray-Ray. Uncle Herman, when next in your neck of the woods, will pass my number on.

(signed, please)

Another reason why I love football.

(blink, blink)

Ye gods.

"Baby, baby, baby, baby, don'cha know that you're so fine..."

12.28.2003   2:10 PM
and i asked for havoc, didn't i?
  • The Browns beat the Bengals
  • The Lions beat the Rams *by 10 points*
  • The Colts just squeeked out a win over Houston with a field goal
  • The Saints beat the Cowboys
Using strange and complex calculations (shades of BCS), this has opened the door for the Seahawks.

According to FOXSports.com's playoff seeding, Seattle is in because of "win over 49ers + Cowboys' loss to Saints + Dolphins' win over Jets + Browns' win over Bengals + Patriots' win over Bills + Eagles' win over Redskins due to strength of victory tiebreakers"


Now it's down to "either/or" with the Vikes and the Pack. And with Cincy's loss, the Ravens are clearly in, having clinched the division.

Thank you, football gods. Thank you so much.

The Eagles have homefield advantage, a first round bye, the division title, the keys to the city, all the cookies and juice they can eat and drink, a mess of get out of jail free cards...

And adding season ending insult to injury, the Titans throroughly spanked the Bucs.

I love this game. All. Up. In. It.

12.27.2003   10:29 PM
merry, merry
Happy, happy! Jolly, jolly!

(yes, some eggnog's been imbibed over here; all up in it!)

fuzzy holidays
The fuzzy mojo's back to his silly, bouncy, energetic self after getting dosed with antibiotics, as an ointment for his eyes and oral pink stuff. He's so much more cooperative than the big guys, letting me grab him up and do my thing.

And he's been so sweet since feeling better; he knows Mommy was just trying to fix him up when I was poking and squeezing and gooping and gagging him.

Don't ask me what he was trying to do here. Not mouse chasing, not hiding from the old man, not escaping post- or pre-meds. Just lying flat under the big, green chair. Silly monkey.

green greetings
Officially from the Eagles site.

The picture worth 1000 words:


My boys have won the division and clinched a first round bye. But Brian Westbrook tore his tricep; ick. I know, they aren't a one-man show, but he's a big contributor. Best wishes and kind thoughts for 36.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping for a Ravens win (much love for Marvin Lewis but Cincy, no mojo for you; it's all for Ray and Jamal), and for much havoc to be wreaked. Vikes, the Pack, I want one of them out. I don't know what wacky combo of hoodoo and mojo needs to work for it to happen, but that's what I want.

And I tell ya, a Rams loss wouldn't hurt my feelings (I love ya, Marshall; love ya, Torry; Mr. Bruce, love ya; but all's fair in love and football); then again, perhaps a little cocky assurance would disarm them.

Ultimately, it would tickle me to no end to see an Eagles/Ravens Superbowl (happily musing...)

elfish behavior
Let's see:
  • Mama's scarf you heard about, which was received and lovingly ooohed and ahhhed over, with its matching cerise leather gloves - I'm such a good daughter!
  • Uncle Herman's scarf to be done soon; hey, after 20 years of friendship (huh?!!), he knows me well enough to know that holidays/birthdays and days of that sort last a good 2 months long on my calendar
  • Aunt Crystal's scarf started after a momentary design drought; she knows my calendar pretty well, too
  • Benjamin's scarf, a last minute idea, was a quick knit, by gum; wool/acrylic blend chunky with size 10.5 needles.

    12 hours from start to finish, including design and finishing. But the finishing: Honest to Freya, I need to figure out how to weave ends in while I work. Stripey hell it was, but it worked out well, if I do say so myself.

    I went to lunch with the old man on Wednesday and learned from the scamp that the new addition to his family has already arrived - three weeks ago. If I'd known, I'd've made the little one something instead of him. Silly man, he put the scarf on immediately, but it did match his outfit (he always wears blue, green, and/or gray, hence my color choice.)
And after practice on a nifty Lana Grossa multi (Numero Uno Fancy in a bright and happy rainbow colorway), I've decided: Size 6 needles are the smallest I'm ever using; anything smaller would be like knitting with toothpicks.

and to all a good night
Hope you and yours are happy and/or healthy (what with the flu and all) this season. 2003 was hard, but not as hard as 2002. I feel truly blessed: What a sea-change from this time last year. Half-full? My glass is at around about the 3/4 level (smile). Since right now it's eggnog (emphasis on the nog), I'm fixing to top it off.

12.21.2003   9:47 PM
the mojo's under the weather
Literaly and figuratively.

fuzzy monkey
My baby cat's sick.

The Mojinator has a bad cold; he has runny eyes, he sniffles and sneezes, has a bit of a temperature (taken by the vet!), and is very lethargic. Poor baby. I really am worried. With him so sick, the cold could spread to Wacky and BBOB who both have reduced immune systems.


no foozball love
I believe Mojo's mojo has infected the mojo of my favored teams, particularly teams that one would expect to have won, and especially the Eagles. Jets, Chiefs, Colts, Saints, all lost.

The carnage is detailed here.

I'm so bummed. I hate fair weather fans and I fear I may have turned into one, getting spoiled by the streak. But on a brighter note, in a "glass half full" spirit, I couldn't give a tinker's damn about home field advantage and a bye week. If my boys were to lose any game in the final six, this was the one; they are now free to win the remaining five.

(wry smile)

12.19.2003   10:42 PM
jingle, jingle
I've been really busy:
  • knitting slippers
  • knitting scarves - I made a beautiful merino wool and recycled silk scarf for my mom (I know, shoulda took a picture, so you'll have to take my word on it)
  • practicing seaming for the crochet sweater (pieces are all done)
  • browsing area yarn stores
  • shopping for presents
  • working in south SJ and Gilroy (the garlic capital and now major outlet mall shopping destination)
  • calling up the football mojo
So obviously I haven't taken the time to give football highlights here in two weeks.

I need not tell you I'm ecstatic regarding my boys in green. I'm so proud. Although...

grumble, grumble
I'm peeved that the team is so poorly represented at the ProBowl this year. Brian Dawkins and David Akers didn't make it but surprisingly, Troy Vincent and Donovan McNabb did. Oh, well. You can't have everything. And, according to the Eagles site, Tra Thomas, Corey Simon, Ike Reese, Akers, Brian Westbrook, and Chad Lewis are alternates.

Look at the rest of the NFC lineup; I know the NFC's weak this year, but Sapp?! And no Marshall?! And they say it's a popularity contest.

Another peeve: Tom Jackson on ESPN and his cracks about "Trash and Stinkston"; I'm getting that boycott feeling again.

twinkle, twinkle
Did I mention the Eagles are 11 and 3, in the playoffs fo' sho, and have pretty much wrapped up the division championship. They're against the 49ers this week, at home.

Click the Campbell's soup link on the right, for Donovan and his mama, please.

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