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kahuna man

5.23.2005   2:59 PM
oh, and...
(sigh, smile)

yes, the boy's got a name


oxytocin is a mf, y'all
I'm still spinning.


must've not scared him that much
Got my "good morning" call this morning.


useless, i am
Can't get a blasted thing done today. Even so, I feel like I'm in the commercial where the gal walks past and all the flowers bloom, leaving a swath of daisies, butterflies, and bluebirds behind me. Every project for which I thought I'd have to haul ass today, someone else has done it for me.

Wow. Perhaps T.'s my lucky, er, well, talisman.

(blinks eyes)

Or more likely, I'm not sweating a thing; what'd I say a few lines ago? Oxytocin, man; it's a mf!

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