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6.23.2005   12:13 AM
trapped in the mailing list
Maybe crazy soap opera shit does happen in real life.

part 1
I shared a few email moments with a dude on BPM who said he was cancelling his membership, then gave him an outside email address of mine to continue the conversation. This dude then says he'll add me to his email list, the "Dumb Question of the Day" Before I could holler "Wait up! Don't do that crap to me!", I start getting his daily missive.

Now I've been traveling, and I figured I'd find some time some day to either 1) claim he's spam and block this junk or 2) send him an email to cease and desist.

part 2
Saturday morning, I check my mail and what should I find but a note. From his wife to the entire mailing list.

Put his shit on blast, girlfriend did.

This winner is a porn addict, and is physically abusive; he surreptitiously tapes his sexcapades with his booty calls; he solicits and keeps nekkid pics of his internet girlfriends; he's simultaneously soliciting new girlfriends while attempting to reconcile with wifey. Wow.

A number of old (notably female) friends on the list came to his defense, or criticized her for airing their laundry. Old boy sent out a lame-ass "I'm sorry" note. And for her part, girlfriend has been forwarding emails she's received from women who have commiserated on her side of the story, and one today from a gal who fessed up that she'd "been involved" with goober who traveled out of state to "see" her, and she didn't know he was still married. Lordy.

part 3
After all this insanity, I thought I'd scan the list for folks I might know, either in real or internet life, so I could gossip, er, chat about this. Whose name should I see but D. The world really is small.

And he's online at that very moment.

I hit him with an IM.

part 4
Now, I could divulge all right here, right now; or pull an R Kelly and post sequels. I'll do neither.

However, you know I can't resist posting something, so here's a summary:
  • Some woman recommended the list to him
  • He's read my blogs
  • He's recovering fine
  • He's a lousy boyfriend 'cause the man can't multitask**
**Well, granted, that's my interpretation, but this is my blog.

He says that it's difficult to devote oneself both to one's goals and a relationship; I'm as goal oriented as they come, and I say it's not. I stand by that. People do it all the time. If I can date and work and live my life...

It would be a great timesaver and a whole lot simpler to have one or a couple really sweet sweeties to relax, go out a bit, and have great, ahem, with.

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