3.17.2005   7:04 PM
Puncturing the kitties
First Wackster and his diabetes. Now Moji.

a mess
He had a patch down his spine where he's worried the hair off, plus it was time for his yearly. So off to Adobe and Dr. Derenzi. We cooled our heels in the exam room, waiting for the doc. She was delayed while putting down someone else's kitty; it's nice to know that when/if the time comes for one of my monsters, they'll take as much time with me as necessary. I know I'll be an utter wreck.

The monkey's healthy, he now outweighs BBOB at 14.5 lbs, and his teeth are beautiful. He clung to me, as always, head buried in the crook of my arm, politely let her look at his mouth while I held him, then gave a half-hearted hiss after she took his temp.

The patch of skin? Dr. Derenzi thinks it's most likely allergies, perhaps due to a flea bite or it could be seasonal.


My baby's got hay fever.

(chuckles) My fuzzy muffins are so unusual!

Anyway, our options: Antihistamines, but they don't work really well with cats. Or steroidal: Chew? A no go, that won't work. Pill? A nightmare, not the option of choice for me the mama. Liquid? We can work the dropper, perhaps. Syringe? Hey, I've been poking Wacky for years now, I'm a pro.

I didn't know if Moji would put up with me doing it but, as Dr. Derenzi said "He'll let you do anything, he knows and loves you." And it's true; he may be a biter/fighter with everyone else, but he's a love with me. She asked if I wanted to give it a go, and got a syringe ready. Grab scruff, tent skin, pop the cover off the needle, poke, squeeze plunger, and it was done. With not a sound, not a peep, not a wiggle or squirm from my fuzzy love.

Two weeks, and hopefully he'll stop scratching enough for the hair to grow back. Meanwhile, everyone's gotta get Advantage'd. Just in case.

more mess
At the end of the visit, though, while I was inserting him back into the carrier, he pooped on the move. Several on the floor, then in the carrier, just... continual. Thankfully solid.


I've never seen that before.

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