10.17.2005   12:32 AM
fuzzy love
I've been feeling a bit blue these past few days, and the boys can sense it. They're such a sweet bunch - at least to me (to each other, they range from ignoring and denial to downright hostility, especially the old man.)

Wacky, when he deigns to move from his domain (the bathroom and hall) or his throne (the back of the big, green chair), sits on my left (always left, always) for rubs, scratches, and praise, then snuggles down between the cushions and my leg.

BBOB has been camped out as my permanent footwarmer, only moving when a choicer spot - the back of the big, green chair - is free.

Moji waits till everyone else goes to their respective corners then drops mousies in my lap so that we can play fetch; after he's bored, he collapses at my side for tummy rubs, washing my fingers, and kneeding the air.

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