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I'm an avid NFL football fan. Born in Philadelphia, the Eagles are my team, no matter the year. We Eagles fans are no fair weather bunch. We chastize (heh!) them, yet love them and are proud to wear the green and silver, year after year.

The NFC East used to be the most challenging and some years, predictably tough division; Dallas, Washington, the New York football Giants, and Eagles fighting it out. I have fond memories of Sundays spent rushing home from church to park in front of the tv with Daddy, and of coming home from college for winter break to scream at the tv along with my family, neighbors, and fellow Philadelphians, all of one mind and purpose: To root for Philadelphia during the season and in the post-season; and then inevitably, since before 2002 Philadelphia had never made it past the division playoffs in my lifetime except for 1980-81, to root for any NFC East team that wasn't the Cowboys¹; then to root for any NFC team that wasn't the Cowboys; and so on. Anyone but the Cowboys.

I also love the Rams and the Raiders (from before Howie till now), and have great respect and fondness for several individual players: Rod Woodson, Aeneas Williams (look at that smile!), 2002's fav Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (have you heard Chris Berman on NFL Primetime?!²), and others.

And who's my favorite of 2003? Baltimore's #52, Mr. Ray Lewis. No question. Not only can the man play, being 2003's Defensive Player of the Year and 6-time Pro Bowler (not to mention - and I'd lay cash money on it - a future Hall of Famer, controversy be damned), his intensity is unbelievable. And the fact that he's one good looking somebody³ doesn't hurt one damn bit. That boy's tryin' to make me a Ravens fan... I can't abandon my Eagles, but I did live in Charm City for a minute, so it wouldn't be a stretch. ;^)

¹ I felt great sympathy for Troy having to retire because of concussions, and it wasn't nice at all for Philadelphia fans a few years ago to cheer when he was knocked out by a sack and when the Eagles took Irvin out (but we are just that rabid, er devoted)...anyway, as people, I'm sure they're nice, the Cowboys. One could even feel a little sorry for them the past few seasons, and I for one am happy for their recovery in 2003. I think Emmit's an all-time star of a player; and now that he's in AZ (smile), I wish him all the best. (back)
² CB: "He's a bad Ma'afala!"
SS: "Shut your mouth!"
CB: "I'm talking about Ma'afala!"

CB & SS: "Can you dig it? Can you dig it?"
I need a sound clip! (back)
³ "It's getting hot in here (so hot)"...! Oh, yeah. All. Up. In. It. Whew doggies! Lawdy, lawdy... and I am not alone... I can't find one on the web, perhaps I'll start a "I love Ray Lewis' fine self, even though my mama warned me about bad boys" tribute website (wink!) (back)

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The best Christmas anytime gift I could ever get? (She chuckles mischieviously) Seriously though, Eagles' playoff tickets. Or Pro Bowl tickets. Or (need I say) Super Bowl tickets. The second best? Jewelry (I'm not crazy!) The third best? An authentic jersey signed by one of my favorite players. But I won't hold my breath. Too long. (smile)

My goal is to get replica jerseysª for my favorite players, from this year and all-time. This of course includes the fellas named above (Howie, Rod, Aeneas, Chris, Ray-Ray) and the following:

In preparation, I've updated my spreadsheet listing team, jersey make, shop item number, and price (yes, I know; geeky as all hell, but I love projects!) of all jerseys available from the shop. I'll add an X in the far righthand column for the ones I *really* want, but for now, here's the list.

I've played around with the idea of posting pics of me in each jersey; that could still happen, we'll see. (smiling innocently)

ª Now, I admit, I picked these jerseys based on the following criteria: 1) like the team, 2) like the player, 3) like the jersey design. For example, Terrell Owens rates 2 & 3, but I wouldn't be caught cleaning the litter boxes doing laundry in a 49ers jersey; I love the town, but I can't do it. Note no Dallas jerseys lurk here (although Mr. "Hard-Hitting" Roy Williams is making me think). There's Dorsey Levens, Brett Favre, and Ahman Green (1 & 2), but Green Bay has the second ugliest jerseys in the league; the Browns have the ugliest. If it seems I've left out some obvious names, it's because I already have those jerseys (back)

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Been working on a list of football movies. Obvious choices:

Can you think of any others? Drop me a mail message. Or comment below.

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Favorite football sites:

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